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Balance and sound: seeking order through song.

We recently curated two playlists that awaken in the morning and unwind in the evening. Together, they bring order to the chaos of life. 

The playlists are regularly updated by talented artists and creators who see health as fundamental to doing anything that requires inspiration, motivation, or simply just taking action. 

First Light is our morning playlist. First Light provides the listener with frequencies that engender positivity, ensuring their start to the day is filled with self-assurance and hope. Certain frequencies have a positive effect on our outlook and being ​​– something you could describe as self-healing using the art of sound. First Light gives you the opportunity to experience these frequencies. 

Space Out is our evening playlist. Together, the songs that form Space Out relax the mind and soothe the senses once the day is done. They’re the inner tranquillity we all seek after the hustle and bustle of the working day. Whether your day has been one of highs or one of lows, Space Out helps you to reconnect with yourself and serves as a reminder that taking time out to understand your body and mind is the secret to lasting contentment. 

Through combatting the chaos of day-to-day living with order, our music addresses the concept of duality, or as they call it in Bali, rwa bhineda. Rwa bhinedaa is enshrined in Balinese culture and practiced across Bali every day. 

The Balinese believe two opposing forces work together to give balance to every aspect of our lives. Where one force exists, an opposing force follows, creating a pleasant harmony. So, if there’s chaos, order brings balance.

Our playlists are a gateway to finding and maintaining order in the face of chaos, from sunrise to nightfall. They're designed to be an element of a ritual that focuses on balancing the body and mind, just like our jamu. 

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