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Celebrating one year of Good Jamu: our journey so far

We can’t believe it’s been an entire year since jamu went from being an element of our daily routine to the essence of Good Jamu. We started drinking jamu whilst living in Indonesia and were instantly impressed by how refreshed and robust it made us feel. When we came back to the Netherlands, we instinctively continued to make ourselves jamu using the knowledge we’d been lucky enough to acquire from an experienced Indonesian jamu master. The people around us were intrigued. They wanted to try this jamu and see why we were so obsessed with drinking it! We made jamu for them, and they asked for more. That made us realise something: the Western world wanted – and needed – the unparalleled variety of wellbeing benefits that this one-of-a-kind elixir provides. It was from this realisation that Good Jamu blossomed into a brand and community.

Key milestones that have shaped and strengthened Good Jamu

When we founded Good Jamu we wanted to give the brand a unique identity that manifested not only jamu’s deliciousness and nutritiousness, but also its newness in the West. We partnered up with our Balinese friends, the design studio Space Available, to create the Good Jamu brand that you see today, which captures these features perfectly with its modern, tropical vibrancy.

It’s no secret that the wellbeing benefits of jamu become even more invigorating when jamu is made a permanent lifestyle feature. Soon after we got Good Jamu up and running, many of our customers started stocking up on jamu on a regular basis, often ordering a bottle or two every week! These customers needed a simpler and speedier process for ordering their jamu. This inspired us to set up a subscription service, giving our customers the option to receive bottles of jamu fortnightly or monthly, without needing to go through the process of ordering a bottle every single time they needed a top-up. Initially, customers had to fill in a form to sign up, but now we’re in full flow we have a dedicated subscriptions area on our website where our customers can set up a Good Jamu subscription in just a few minutes by telling us which flavours they want, how many bottles they need and how often they’d like to receive their supply. With our subscription service, we give jamu to our customers at a lower price per bottle, whilst ensuring they never face a jamu drought.

Start-ups like Good Jamu have a real opportunity to incorporate sustainable practices into their everyday business activities. During our time in Indonesia, we were surrounded by sublime wildlife. In awe of its beauty and aware of its vulnerability to the ramifications of human activities, we made a profound commitment to fight climate change and protect the natural environment. To fulfil this commitment, we decided to manufacture glass bottles that can carry jamu time and time again and established a deposit system, which involves collecting empty bottles from customers and reusing them. Since making this decision, we’ve reused 1,000 of our bottles! But in doing this we’ve faced a huge challenge. There are very few delivery companies that offer returns, let alone returns of glass products, and those that do charge high fees that as a start-up, we just can’t afford. We’ve overcome this challenge by delivering and collecting our glass bottles ourselves throughout the entire country, but we’re eager to hand over our distribution to an external provider as soon as the opportunity arises. This will allow us to extend our outreach and bring jamu to more people across the Western world.

We also fulfilled our commitment to champion sustainable practices by partnering with a Swedish company, Ride Cake, which has enabled us to deliver jamu by electric motorbike. This means we’ve reduced the level of greenhouse gas emissions that we emit as a business. We strive to become more sustainable with every step we take on our journey, and we plan to deliver more of our jamu using environmentally friendly modes of transport as Good Jamu grows.

But none of our work would matter without our Good Jamu community. We’re so grateful that people from all over the country choose to drink our jamu. Some say that our jamu reminds them of home, others tell us it's an essential part of their diet. We even get messages asking: “I just ran out of jamu, when are you guys next delivering?” We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without you all, and the feedback we receive fills us with confidence for what’s to come.

What’s next for Good Jamu?

Behind the scenes, we’re always working to improve the Good Jamu experience for our customers and evolve as a transparent and caring business. Some of the most exciting things we’re working on right now include:

- Sharing the personal jamu journeys of our community members with you
- Developing new, more efficient delivery methods that are eco-friendly
- Trying out different types of packaging with sustainability in mind
- Creating some brand-new Good Jamu goodies that are focused on your wellbeing
- Carrying out tests to dive deeper and discover all the benefits that jamu holds

We’ve made so much progress over the past year, but the Good Jamu journey is far from complete. We hope you’ll stick with us and see how the story unfolds. Our future is golden (orange) and full of goodness!

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