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Your questions about jamu – answered!

What exactly is jamu?

Jamu might be a novel elixir in the Netherlands and throughout the West, but in Indonesia it’s been the go-to wellness drink since 700 AD, perhaps even earlier! It’s almost always made and sold by talented women, who are referred to as ‘jamu gendong’. 

Over 1,500 varieties of jamu exist. Each is created using its own combination of ingredients, but all are drank for wellness purposes. Most jamu, like ours here at Good Jamu, is 100% plant based. Roots and fruits form the basis of our ginger and turmeric jamus; refreshing ingredients that invigorate the body and mind. But jamu is often also made using seeds, leaves, barks and flowers.

Jamu is a holistic therapy. That is, it should be drank regularly to maintain wellness throughout the body as a whole, rather than to cure certain ailments in isolation in the way that modern medicines do.

Jamu epitomises balance. Drinking it is about finding and keeping that internal harmony we all strive for by being mindful about what you put in your body.

What does jamu actually do? 

Jamu isn’t an overnight solution to an illness or discomfort. It’s drank consistently as part of a person’s diet to sustain and strengthen their overall physical and mental wellness.  

Different types of jamu will have different wellbeing benefits depending on which ingredients they use. In our jamu, the main ingredients are ginger and turmeric. These roots are believed to contain valuable antioxidants and possess powerful anti-inflammatory abilities, both of which are considered vital to keeping the body in tip-top condition. Ginger and turmeric are also used to support good stomach and brain health, as well as to provide vitality and vigour. 

We carefully select all the natural ingredients that go into our jamu with the motive of making you feel happy on the inside so that you can be the best version of yourself every day, no matter what challenges lie in your way. 

How much jamu should I drink?

If you’re new to jamu, start off by drinking a shot glass measurement per day. Once you’re used to drinking it, increase your measurement to a small- or medium-sized glass. Remember, there’s no such thing as drinking too much jamu! Feel free to add a splash of water or two if the flavour is a little too intense for you. We admit it, our jamu can be pretty pungent – that’s because the raw ingredients we use are unadulterated.  

When should I drink jamu? 

We tend to drink a glass of jamu first thing in the morning, before coffee (or instead of coffee, because it gives you that coffee-like energy boost without the caffeine) and breakfast. It’s believed that when you drink jamu on an empty stomach your body absorbs the nutrients it contains more effectively, which optimises the wellbeing benefits.

Can I use Jamu to make any other drinks?

Definitely! Jamu can be incorporated into loads of drink recipes. Try adding a shot or two to your smoothies. We love how it packs them tight with even more nutrients whilst giving them an extra kick of flavour.

If you’re partial to the odd cocktail, add a shot of jamu to a regular margarita to make a not-so-regular margarita and have some fruity rooty boozy fun! But of course, there’s plenty of people that don’t drink alcohol, and to you we present the jamu spritzer. That’s simply a shot of jamu, sparkling mineral water and honey (drizzle as much or as little as you like). An orange slice in the glass will add a touch of class if you’re feeling fancy. 

We know what you’re thinking and yes, we’ll be sure to share the full details of our favourite jazzed-up-with-jamu drink recipes with you soon!

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