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About us

As someone who’s half Moluccan, half Dutch, I (Anna) grew up understanding the power of jamu. In fact, a jamu paste was rubbed onto my mum’s belly whilst I was in the womb as a way of helping to reduce her pregnancy pains! Now, decades later, I still drink this ancient elixir to support my everyday wellness – for me, it delivers that caffeine-like kick of energy but with added nutritional benefits. Milad and I created Good Jamu to bring the sense of balance and bodily wellness that jamu provides to the Western world. While in Bali, we were lucky enough to learn all the secrets of jamu from a jamu master, and it’s with her blessing that we now share our knowledge with you. Selamat minum!

Sipping our way towards a better planet

We believe leading a healthy life involves taking care of the earth we stand on. Good Jamu is plant based, and we source the most natural, freshest ingredients possible. Our glass bottles are recyclable and even reusable – why not transform yours into a flower vase or bird feeder when you're finished with it? We’ll always strive to operate sustainably, but we couldn't do it without you. What you choose to buy makes all the difference. Thank you!


— Anna & Milad