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Makkelijke Good Jamu smoothie

Taking care of your health is not always easy, that's why we decided to create rituals that are extremely easy to practice. Let's look at this delicious and easy, Good Jamu smoothie.

For this one, we used kefir, a fermented drink of which the name refers to ''good feeling'' a person gets after drinking it. 

Kefir and Good Jamu teaming up, is a match made in heaven. The taste is silky and smooth and immediately gives you a reinvigorated feeling.

Both our Tropical Turmeric and Island Spice jamus are perfect to use for this recipe, but we used the Tropical Turmeric. 

Prep time: 5 minutes Serves: 1 (Vegan)


50ml of Island Spice or Tropical Turmeric jamu

100ml kefir

100ml orange juice or mango juice (whichever you prefer)



1 spoon

1 glass



1. Start by putting some chunks of ice into your glass.

2. Pour the kefir.

2. Add the jamu on top of the kefir.

3. Stir it all and start enjoying this delicious drink.