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As someone who’s half Moluccan, half Dutch, I (Anna) grew up in a household where jamu was used on a daily basis to prevent and treat illnesses – we hardly ever used chemical medicines. In fact, a jamu paste was rubbed onto my mum’s belly whilst I was in the womb as a way of helping to reduce her pregnancy pains!

Growing up in the Netherlands, I’d always wanted to return to Indonesia and get to know the place my grandparents were born and raised. After studying journalism at university, I seized the opportunity to move to Bali, where I lived for seven years!

The busyness of adult life led me to lost sight of the importance of jamu. But whilst living in Bali, I saw how well-acquainted Indonesians are with what the earth can give your body, and it reminded me of all the benefits that come from using nature to maintain wellness. That’s when I started to drink jamu again. I was even lucky enough to learn all the secrets of jamu from a jamu master! When I returned to the Netherlands, I continued to make jamu every day to keep my body motivated, stimulated and energised.

I soon offered my jamu to my mum’s friends, my friends and even friends of friends, and they all kept asking for more! I realised that there were so many people who, like me, wanted to use nature to better themselves – that inspired my vision for Good Jamu.

Jamu is a dying craft. In Indonesia, people don’t have time to make jamu anymore because the preparation process is labour intensive, plus it isn’t as profitable as it once was due to the mass production of cheap crops for global consumption. I feel it’s my duty to keep this ancient tradition alive in the modern world, and I hope I can do that with Good Jamu.

I believe that wellness needs to be refocused on nature. Today, wellness is all about treating illnesses using chemical medicines once they're present in the body. We've lost sight of how illnesses can actually be prevented using natural products, removing that need for chemical medicines. I want to bring a sense of inner balance and bodily peace to the Western world using nothing but the power of nature. That’s why Good Jamu is plant based, and we source the most natural, freshest ingredients possible.

Wellness should be inspiring and uplifting. Ancient practices that have been relied upon for thousands of years can achieve that.

— Anna