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About us

As someone who’s half Moluccan, half Dutch, I also grew up understanding the power of jamu. In fact, a jamu paste was rubbed on my mom’s belly while I was in the womb as a way of helping to reduce her pregnancy pains. Now, decades later, I drink it as part of my daily wellness — for me, it delivers the kick of a coffee but with a nutritional benefit. I created Good Jamu, along with my partner, to offer a sense of balance and well-being to the Western world based on this ancient practice. While in Bali, we were lucky enough to learn the secrets from a jamu master, and it’s with her blessing that we bring Good Jamu to you. Selamat minum!

Good Jamu and a Better Planet
We believe a healthy way of life includes the earth we stand on. Good Jamu is plant-based, and we source the best, freshest ingredients possible. Our mission is to operate a fair chain, in which producers are paid for their work, we create a beautiful product for you to enjoy, and you can recycle the glass bottle or use our deposit system when you’re done. It’s a small step in helping to create a better planet, but we think it matters. What you purchase adds up and the small things can make a big difference thanks to people like you.


— Anna & Milad