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Here you’ll be able to find answers related to the online journey such as orders, shipping, shelf life and more.

  • What is Jamu?

    Jamu is a traditional Indonesian herbal tonic that has been used for centuries to optimize the immune system. It is made from turmeric, ginger and other powerful herbs and plants.

  • What is the origin of Jamu?

    Jamu is from Indonesia. Each island has its own varieties for different purposes.

  • Are you using fresh ingredients?

    Our product is 100% natural and vegan. We use fresh turmeric and ginger that go through a heating process and are extracted. So no powders. We believe this is at the expense of the taste and effect of the tonic. The effect of turmeric and ginger is activated by our special herbal tea.

  • What is the shelf-life?

    We do not use artificial preservatives. The use of lime as a natural preservative keeps the jamu good for 3 weeks (cooled at 7 ° C) to optimally preserve the nutrients. The expiry date is also stated on each bottle supplied.

  • How many times a day can I drink Jamu?

    We recommend drinking it every morning and / or after a workout. In addition, you can drink it whenever you feel like it. There is no maximum, but listen carefully to your own body what feels best for you.

  • Should I dilute it with water?

    Jamu generally does not need to be diluted with water. If you like it, you can of course always.

  • My Jamu looks different than the last time, is it still good?

    Mother nature does not always produce the exact same colors and flavors. Our Jamu is made from natural & fresh ingredients, which sometimes causes some difference.

  • What’s on the bottom of the bottle?

    It’s all about shaking! The tonic is handmade, the turmeric and ginger extracts sink down and a layer is formed on the bottom. We recommend shaking the bottle gently before use.

  • Can I drink it during my pregnancy?

    That is possible, however we recommend choosing the Island Spice as it does not contain turmeric. More important is that you first seek medical advice from your doctor.

  • What is the difference between Tropical Turmeric and Island Spice?

    Tropical Turmeric is a blend of turmeric and a small amount of ginger which is activated by our powerful herbal tea. It boosts your immunity and delivers a sense of inner peace.

    While Island Spice uses the power of fresh ginger to ignite your senses and restore energy.

  • What are the delivery costs?

    The cost for delivering is € 5.95 per order.

  • Can I return my order?

    Unfortunately, fresh products cannot be returned. If something is not correct, please let us know via and we‘ll make sure you get the right support.

  • When can unexpected my order?

    If you order before every Wednesday, we can include the order for the same week. Otherwise it is automatically included for the following week. We always contact you for the delivery day and time via e-mail or WhatsApp.

  • Why do you use a deposit system?

    Today, people worldwide buy 1,000,000 plastic bottles per minute and only 23% of this is recycled. By using a deposit, we want to create awareness about making sustainable choices as a company and as a consumer. The deposit helps to encourage our customers to handle and reuse their products properly.

  • How does the reuse / refill system work?

    It’s easy!

    Heres how it works;
    First, think of the milkman. We’ve implemented a deposit in the price of each bottle of Jamu.

    Second, for follow-up orders we come to collect the empty bottles. Based on the number of empty bottles that have been collected, you receive a voucher.

    Third, use this voucher during your next checkout and you’re all set.

    This way you are part of the movement and pay less for your Jamus with each new order.

  • Where can I enter the voucher I received by email?

    The voucher can be entered at the cart or check-out page after you have chosen your jamus.

  • I don’t want to place a new order, how do I get my deposit back?

    Were sad to hear that, but no worries, once you’ve returned your empty bottle, we will refund the total deposit within 3 working days to the desired bank account.

  • This bottle is great! I wish to keep it, is that possible?

    You’re right, they are beautiful! We wish you both nothing but happines, go for it.