Beginning of Good Jamu

We started Good Jamu 6 months ago because jamu, like millions of other people, was a regular part of the day for us in Indonesia.

For centuries it has helped people in various ways. It has always taken good care of us and we believe that this beautiful ritual should be shared with the world. Jamu is a dying craft in Indonesia, the process of brewing the tonic is labor intensive and time consuming.

By being apprenticed to a jamu master we have been blessed to take the knowledge and use it here.

Our mission is to preserve culture and traditions and pass them on to future generations in a sustainable way.

We are slowly working on a fair-chain product. This means that in every aspect involved in the realization of Good Jamu we make choices to make a product that is as responsible and sustainable as possible.

You help us a lot with this and are grateful for the support and help we receive. We see many opportunities for responsible growth and are happy to take you along in our next steps.

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