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Here you’ll find the answers to your questions concerning orders, shipping, shelf life and more.

  • What is jamu?

    Jamu is a traditional Indonesian herbal tonic that has been used for centuries to boost the immune system and promote overall bodily wellness. It’s made from turmeric, ginger and other powerful herbs and plants. Read more about it here.

  • What is the origin of jamu?

    Jamu is from Indonesia. Each island has its own varieties of jamu, which are used for different purposes.

  • Are you using fresh ingredients?

    Our products are 100% natural and vegan. We use fresh turmeric and ginger that are extracted and go through a heating process. We don’t use powders, as we believe this weakens the taste and reduces the effect of the tonic.

  • What is the shelf life?

    We do not use artificial preservatives. The use of lime as a natural preservative keeps our jamu good to drink for 30 days (cooled at 7°C) from the date you receive it. The expiry date is printed on each bottle.

  • How many times per day can I drink jamu?

    We recommend drinking it every morning and/or after a workout, but you can drink it whenever you feel like it! There is no limit on the amount you can drink, but listen carefully to your body and drink the amount that feels most suitable for you.

  • Should I dilute jamu with water?

    Jamu generally does not need to be diluted with water, but if you prefer a weaker flavour give it a go and see what you think!

  • My jamu looks different to the jamu I received last time, is it still good?

    Mother nature does not always produce the exact same colours and flavours. Our jamu is made from natural and fresh ingredients, so it’s completely normal for one batch of jamu to look a little different from the last.

  • What’s on the bottom of the bottle?

    The tonic is handmade, so the turmeric and ginger extracts sink down and form a layer at the bottom of the bottle. We recommend shaking the bottle gently before use.

  • Can I drink it during my pregnancy?

    It is possible to drink jamu whilst pregnant, however, we recommend choosing the Island Spice jamu as it does not contain turmeric. Please seek medical advice from your doctor before purchasing.

  • What is the difference between Tropical Turmeric and Island Spice?

    Tropical Turmeric is a blend of turmeric and a small amount of ginger, which is activated by our powerful herbal tea. It boosts your immunity and delivers a sense of inner peace.

    Island Spice uses the power of fresh ginger to ignite your senses and restore energy.

  • I see you offer subscriptions, why?

    We realised that many of our customers reorder bottles again and again, and we wanted to make the process quicker and easier for them! So, we set up a subscription page where you can sign up (just once), tell us which flavour/s and how many bottles you want, and leave us to take care of getting your bottles to you when you want them. With this you save time, money and brainpower!

  • Why should I get a subscription?

    Good question! There are a few reasons:

    1. It saves you money (per bottle).

    2. It saves you time and effort! You don't need to reorder when you’re running low.

    3. You can pause, adjust or cancel your subscription at any time – no strings attached.

  • I want to pause my subscription, is that possible?

    It sure is. Log in to my account and hit PAUSE MY SUBSCRIPTION. When you feel it's time for some jamu again, simply select CONTINUE SUBSCRIPTION.

  • What are the delivery costs?

    The cost for delivering is €5,95 per order.

  • Can I return my order?

    Unfortunately, fresh products cannot be returned. If something is not right with your order, please let us know via and we‘ll make sure you get the right support.

  • When can I expect my order?

    If you order before Wednesday, we can include the order in the delivery schedule for that same week. Otherwise, it’s automatically included in the delivery schedule for the following week. We always contact you with the delivery date and time via email or WhatsApp.

  • What do I do with the empty bottles?

    The possibilities are endless! Since they are made from glass, we encourage you to reuse them. Here are some examples of what you could do with them:

    - Use it for another beverage
    - Flower vase
    - Bird feeder
    - Soap dispenser
    - Oil lamp

    If you’ve got any other ideas we’d love to hear them! Let us know via